How not to regain weight after a diet?

regain weight after a diet

Losing the desired weight through diet is good. Maintaining the same number on the scale afterwards is another story. Here’s how not to regain weight after a diet thanks to the advice of Béatrice de Reynal, nutritionist.

Each plan has its own peculiarities; its own constraints as well. It’s the same when you stop it and the concern not to regain the lost weight afterwards is legitimate. “The first rule before starting a diet is to know precisely how you are going to get out of it”, states Beatrice de Reynal, nutritionist and author of “Open your eyes before you open your mouth” (ed. Robert Laffont). She continues: “It takes a month of stabilization per kilo lost. In other words, if you lose five kilos, you will have to be vigilant over the five months following the end of your diet. In the context of a drastic diet such as those hyper-protein or mono-diet, we will be even more attentive than for traditional diets which favor fruits, vegetables and lean dairy products.


A diet is, in general, a way to relearn how to eat well. We take stock of the quantities and quality of our food. So a good diet will always encourage you to cut down on bad fats and sugar – even cut them out. This kind of cure is a matter of common sense, a common sense that we have often lost for lack of time. We therefore eat at regular times and we do not skip any meals. We prefer breakfast because we have all day to eliminate it unlike dinner and we eat in peace and in full awareness.. We never refill and we do not jump on the first burger on the pretext that the diet is over. So much effort for that… it would be a shame. Little trick to keep in a corner of your head: eating more increases hunger, it’s the principle of the vicious circle. Conclusion, sugar, salt and fat continue to be our enemies during and outside meals, for life. “You have to know that you gain weight when you drift from the norm. An excess is not serious if it is not accumulated with other repetitive deviations. You should not deprive yourself at the risk of getting frustrated, it is just important to compensate. If I miss a meal, I avoid doing it again the same day or the next day. »


Food cravings are often linked to physical and/or mental fatigue, if one has a healthy diet. The more the need for sleep is felt, the more we will seek to regain some energy and this often involves snacking. A short night and you can be sure that the next day we will eat more. »

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In some people, the stress will cut off any desire to swallow anything. But for others, it’s just the opposite that happens. As Beatrice de Reynal tells us, the important thing is to be aware of how you manage stress. And if you belong to the category I-seek-comfort-in-chocolate, it is better to anticipate these small unpleasant periods by practicing meditation , by drinking a cup of hot water when you feel that the we will crack or by learning to manage our breathing to reduce the heart rate and therefore the stress.


“It’s a mistake to weigh yourself the next day after a big excess. Generally, it is necessary to wait 48 hours before the bolus of food really recovers from the deviations and the weight increases or not”, specifies Beatrice. Similarly, weighing yourself daily is not a good idea either because, in addition to being anxiety-provoking, the figure is not as representative as you might think. We explain: a person with a fat mass greater than that of his muscle mass will (perhaps) need a diet more than a person of the same weight but with a dominant muscle mass.

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If for a long time we only bet on food, today we no longer consider a diet without it being associated with regular physical activity. One does not go without the other and it is not Michele Obama (who has made it his hobbyhorse) who will tell you the opposite ! Without turning into excessive sports practice – which could be just as bad for some bodies in pain as doing nothing at all, at least make sure to move your muscles. For this, going to work on foot, taking the stairs, going down several subway stations before or gardening are all ways to exercise. It is also important to find a sport that suits us physically and makes us happy. As time goes on, good habits end up being anchored to the point that having a healthy lifestyle no longer becomes a constraint but a simple way of being, without thinking about it.

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