What if You Fail to Visit a Doctor on The Same Day?

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Louisville records thousands of personal injury accidents annually, which also raises the number of people who file for a personal injury claim. After an accident, victims often get injuries. On the other hand, there are situations where the injuries do not show up instantly after the accident, which makes it feel that there is no need to visit a doctor. However, after a few days or weeks, the injuries might show up, making you delay seeing a doctor. 

If you are in one of such situations, you should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney louisville who can help you with the steps ahead and ensure it does not hamper your claim. 

Is there a legal compulsion for you to visit a doctor?

As per the personal injury laws in Louisville, there is no legal compulsion for you to visit a doctor on the same day. Even if you visit after days, weeks, or even months, legally, there are no restrictions. 

But you should never wait or delay visiting a doctor. 

Irrespective of which attorney you will consult, they all will say one thing –never delay visiting a doctor! 

In fact, most of them suggest seeking medical assistance on the same day as your injury to make your claim stronger. This is because, after an accident, some injuries may not show up immediately, making you feel you are all safe and there are no injuries. However, after a few days or weeks, you will see the injuries showing up. 

On the other hand, it can also be an additional hassle if the injuries are complicated. Therefore, in order to prevent further complications, you need to make sure you visit a doctor as soon as possible. If we take a look from a legal point of view, you need to prove that your injuries resulted from the accident, and for you to do the same, your diagnosis from a doctor can prove the same. 

For example, the doctor will diagnose and provide precipitation with a date stamp. You can use this document to prove that injuries happened due to the accident. 

What if you have already delayed visiting a doctor?

The insurance company will not grant you compensation without investigating your case and verifying the evidence you have submitted. If you have delayed visiting a doctor, there is a possibility that the insurance company will say that your injuries are not serious, which is why you should prolong your treatment. 

However, if you have already delayed visiting a doctor, make sure you are at least following the treatment properly and also taking follow-ups from the doctor. Lastly, make sure to get in touch with your attorney.

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